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License Restoration

Driver license suspensions can range from a few days to a year or more, and revocations can last up to five years with no guarantee the Secretary of State will ever issue a new license to you.

From a traffic standpoint, nearly every reason you can lose your license in Michigan revolves around safety and obeying the law. However, we are here to help you through the process of obtaining your license back.

Probate - Estate Trust Administration

Probate is the process through the courts which involves the collection of the decedent’s assets, notification of creditors, paying liabilities and distributing the remaining assets to the heirs as directed either by the Last Will and Testament or Michigan Law if the decedent dies without a Will. Our attorney will help you determine if probate is necessary, and if so we will guide you through administration of the probate estate ensuring that all required paperwork, notices to interested parties and debtors and other court deadlines are met. Although the probate process can seem daunting, our office has many years of experience navigating the process and successfully closing out estates as efficiently as possible.

Trust Administration is the process of the trustees' management of trust property in accordance with the trust document. The trustee must ensure that the terms of the trust are followed for the benefit of the beneficiaries after the settlor's death. Many steps are required to safeguard effective administration. Our attorneys are prepared to help the trustee to properly manage the trust and adhere to all legal requirements during the trust process.

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